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I visited my friends Azza and Eyad in Toronto during the thanksgiving weekend. Being in Omaha with zero hookah (sheesha) lounges made me so thirsty to have one as soon as I get out of there! So I asked Eyad about any good lounges in Toronto. With a pail smile in his face, he said something like “There are tons, but I have some bad news for you…”.

The Canadian government just issued a new law that prohibits nicotine at any indoor place! As a result, hookah lounge business owners now use nicotine-free tobacco in hookah! The new hookah’s have tobaccos in all flavors just like normal ones, but free of any nicotine!

Although the depressing answer I received, I was so very curious to try it! I just wanted to see what nicotine-free hookah is! So we went to a lounge and it was so funny how you just smoke air with fruits flavor! And because it’s Nicotine-free, there was nothing to stop young teens of smoking, so the lounge was full of sixteenish years old ppl!!!

In summary, Nicotine-free Hookah’s are waste of money and terrible invention for hookah lovers!


  1. Anonymous  

    Dear Harith

    I just cancelled Canada from my " Countries to visit list" :P

    Nothing is like "Hakaya"

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