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Finally I saw real fresh now! It has started to snow this morning in Omaha, and more snow is expected during the weekend.

All my colleagues at work prepared me to this weekend, as they know I am coming from California and originally from the Middle East so I will have very hard time to adapt!! They keep teasing and making fun of me when they see me coming to work every morning with many layers of protections! They think I am lucky because it didn’t snow until Jan! I guess they're right..

They told me driving is a hassle and I have to drive slowly with cautious. Luckily when I decided to go out (by noon) I found many main streets were already cleaned from snow (thanks to the city!), so driving wasn’t a problem today…. I am not sure though if I’ll be this lucky everyday.. we’ll see…

Here are some photos:

I forgot this bottle of water in the car the night before.. I found it frozen this morning!


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