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What’s the deal with everyone in MSN Messenger?

I noticed in the past 6+ months that most of the people in my contacts list do not show their real status! Many of them make it either “Appear offline” or BRB/Away! I call the last group the “smarter” because they want to be selective.

Many times I see somebody with a status of Away or BRB, then he/she suddenly ping me to say hi!! When I ask how come your status is Away or BRB, they feel embarrassed to answer and I get a nonsense answer! Honestly, I ask this question to embarrass them! Sorry for showing my dark side in public!

This makes me very paranoid… I feel that one day if I ping someone with a fake status, I might be ignored! This is more like, I talk to you when I want, but not when you want!

I just feel that MSN Messenger started to miss its point.. I don’t like it anymore. Because I can’t use it and enjoy it! Therefore, I decided to send this letter to Mr MSN Messenger.

Dear Mr MSN Messenger,

I’ve been a loyal user since 1999 when you first started. That time my contact list had only 2 or 3 friends and very few people believed on you… 1999! when my little sister Habab didn’t know what’s the Internet and now she has a huge contacts list just like mine if not bigger… when my mother didn’t know that she can use you to chat with her friends in the UK and Canada for free. Yes, that’s around the same time when my brother Sofyan didn’t bother about you.. and now he’s online all day screening who’s online and who’s not with “Appear Offline” status!

With this successful and nice evolution that I experienced in my house, I am sorry to say that I must go.. I just don’t feel it’s my favorite place anymore.. Maybe it’s not you, mybe its them.. or me (George Costanza’s trick)… so please accept my resignation.


Harith (aka HaRiTh80)


  1. Anonymous  

    loooool...wats up with all this man..msn..i dont have much of a list myself...ya3nee only the ones that close to me...so..i use to check if all the ones i know r still alive...if one doesnt sign in like 3-6months i assume that he/she is either dead(if dead allah yer7amu)..and if he/she blocked me(6ooz fee)..and life goes on my friend....

  2. Anonymous  

    haha..veryy funny...but wen u say 'ppl who leave their status as away' ur talking abt me 2!! but the reason is..im doing sumthing else..and i only want my close frends to talk 2 me..but now..unfortunately..i got busted n 20 ppl talk to me at the same time!! :( i think ill be resigning soon...

  3. Anonymous  

    that was kaboobi btw..ughh..i keep 4getting!

  4. Anonymous  

    Thats why I havnt seen you in my list for ages. :) In my view away busy brb status means I am only talking to those who are so close to me. You know your one of them.

  5. Sudani4eva  

    interesting point of view man...

  6. Anonymous  

    i thought u used to select the option appear offline to avoid al nas al barayeen like ( mn '3er zeker asmaa ):P...i think u r paranoiyed cuz u used to do the same thing before , and its difficult for you to give ppl execuses

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