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Question: Do you ever watch the airplane safety instructions video? Or do you even bother to watch to the flight attendant when she explain the same instructions and show you how to fasten your seat belt?!

I definitely not!

Though I started to rethink about it and say to myself *maybe* this is not right. What if anything emergent happened? I questioned my behavior after I watched a funny episode of my favorite sitcom (Seinfeld) called the Dog. When (Jerry) bad luck put him in a plane that had to do emergency landing, he asked the flight attendant in fear “Are you going to repeat the safety procedure again?”!! LOL. I bet you the majority of passengers (including myself) will ask the same question if they were in his situation.

I laughed when a United Airlines flight attendant once said before going over the procedure “Please give us part of your partial attention!” But, I still couldn’t look for more than 10 seconds. Do you know why? Not only because the safety procedure is boring, and not because I felt careless since I am not aware of any case in commercial airplanes history when passengers were able to survive by following the safety procedure, but mainly because the flight attendant wasn’t that cute!!


  1. Unknown  

    hehehe ! I guess now we know why MOST flight attendants are good looking ! and sofyan, following your suggestion wouldnt get us to pay attention to what they are SAYING.. only to what they LOOK LIKE, and then we'll start daydreaming !!

  2. AyMoNy  

    Sofyan.. You're just too much, buddy! :)

    Thumbs up.. will talk to Richard Branson on this :)

    Harith, you're TAGGED :)

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