Harith's Space!

In "Harith's Space!" I share some personal feelings, memories, thoughts and observations. Help me to make this space positive by allowing me to learn from your feedback.

For those who do not know Tim Berners-Lee, he's the father of the World Wide Web (WWW). He basically invented the WWW in 1989 while working at CERN (yes, the Dan Brown CERN!). Why am I telling this story? Well.. WWW made blogs happen! As the WWW evolved, blogs came out sometime in mid-late 90s.

So why am I so thankful to blogs? It’s the fact that no one has enough time to read or write. Things have to be written in a faster way, and consequently read in a faster fashion. Being a person who enjoys reading and writing in classical Arabic, I used to write short stories and articles. I realized lately that I haven't written anything since 2003-- the year I moved to the United States. This fact kills me and makes me feel that I lost my Mojo! (anyone remembers Austin Powers’ mojo?!). Having all of these negative thoughts in mind, I talked to my friend Ibrahim and he advised me to "blog things out" as they come across my mind! ّIbrahim has always been an inspiring person to me! So I took his advice and started this blog! Therefore, blogs are my hope to get my "mojo" back!

I will use ‘Harith’s Space!’ to express some thoughts, ideas and observations. Depending on the context and the targeted audience, my writings will swing between Arabic and English.

Once again, thanks Tim!


  1. Da Weaz  

    Good luck to you in your blog. Hopefully you can bridge an English and Arabic speaking audience. That would be nice.

  2. Anonymous  

    Now I have to keep coming everyweek to check out ur great writings. i ll send you the bill lol! nice work as usual 7arosa.

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