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Friday, April 28, 2006 will be my last day with CNET.

I joined CNET in May 3, 2004 as an Associate Software Engineer. It was my first job I got after finishing my graduate education. I was so excited and much more scared! It is one of those “humanish” things when you do not trust yourself first time you do anything. Fortunately, this stage did not take me long to pass. If there is a reason for that, it’s the CNET culture. Working at CNET is fun! This is how I can simply describe it! CNETers are smart, full of life and enthusiastic people. I made a lot of dear friends, can’t name them all, but everyone has a unique personality and talent that is very rare to find.

I will very much miss CNET days!!


  1. Anonymous  

    watch what you smoke harith!!
    lol! :P

  2. Anonymous  

    that was by Habab (the smoking thing)

  3. Anonymous  

    hey 7arroosi ! were u actually singing in that second picture? oh DEAR ! :P good work on the blog ! now that i cant txt u or talk to u as often as when i was in toronto, and we're both too lazy for emails (sad i know) this could be a good way to know what ur up to !

  4. Anonymous  

    I look like a retard! Couldn't you have picked a better karaoke picture?

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