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I was walking at oxford street (London) when I saw "Marks and Spencer" green lights flashing. I decided to check it out and do what's known as "window shopping"! Thirty minutes later I was out with 1 pair of shoes, 1 shirt & 1 T-shirt!What a successful window shopping! But believe me I couldn’t resist! I'm not a shopping addict & neither I enjoy shopping, but the collections that I saw there were by far better than what I usually see in the states. I knew the fact that UK shops are unique, but I just believed it! I thought shopping in the states at places like "Banana Republic Express" or "JCrew" would give me something very similar; however I found that I was so very wrong!

Bottom line, as my friend Ibrahim said in his blog "Class is class, Cool is cool", I'm repeating the same phrase…Actually I also want to add one more sentence to my new facts list: Banana Republic, Express and JCrew…. Forget it! But keep trying!


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