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I don’t understand what’s the deal with United Airlines schedules? They are just very bad! My flights are always cancelled or delayed! I have been traveling on weekly basis since July, I have to tell you that I NEVER EVER went all the way to my destination and came back with no delays or cancellations.

Two weeks ago, I was supposed to fly from Omaha to San Francisco through Chicago. I found the first flight was delayed for two hours; therefore I missed my connecting flight at Chicago. So they put me in another flight from Chicago and when I got there it was again delayed for 3 more hours! So I was home at 3 AM instead of 9 PM. Just today my flight from Omaha was late for 1.5 hour so I missed my flight at Denver, now I have to wait for another 4 hours for the next flight!

So why do I fly with them after these bad experiences? Well, I have to say that I love their Frequent Flyer program!!!!


  1. Unknown  

    darn.. i sent my comment to your email :P
    finally, you posted an entry that i can understand. sorry about your commute :(

  2. Anonymous  

    I know the feeling :P but you have to remember:
    alrakhis birakhsto bdawgak maghasto :)

    keep posting dear

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