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I visited Ski Dubai for the first time last week. Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort in UAE's biggest Mall (Emirates Mall). I went with my uncle's wife (Steffie) and their cute kids (Tijani and Lena) who stopped in my parents house in UAE on their way back to Manchester (UK) from Sudan.

I have heard a lot about it and I got so enthusiastic to seeing ski resort inside a mall… Now, after visiting the place I have to say it is by far better than what was described to me… it is phenomenal!

Ski Dubai has two sections: Ski area and Snow Park. We took the kids to the snow park and they loved it! Actually, I loved it too!! The snow park is like a snow playground, so it has different type of sliders, caves and hills. There is also a movie theatre! On the other hand, the ski area has 3 levels, one for beginners that is flat, and another one for intermediate skiers that has a slope and the last one for professionals that has a big slope.

The prices are pretty much reasonable; access to the snow park for adults is 60 DHS ($17), and 140 DHS ($38) for skiing. Prices include all equipments.

Visit the Ski Dubai site to find out more: http://www.skidxb.com


  1. Anonymous  

    I KNEW IT!!
    by the way u descibed it(which made me extremely jealous) i knew it was impossible 4 u NOT to write it! i hav 2 admit..ur blogs getting interesting(apart frm stuff dat made me sleep =l) lol
    still regreting not goin on the trip :(

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