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In "Harith's Space!" I share some personal feelings, memories, thoughts and observations. Help me to make this space positive by allowing me to learn from your feedback.

One year ago 'Harith's Space' was born. I described on my first post (Thanks Tim Berners-Lee!) why I decided to blog. Today after 12 months, I find that I had 60 posts in 1 year. This is definitely a lot more than what I expected. I am very delightful to see the number of visitors is increasing as well, though I did not make any effort to broadcast my blog.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement and the support. Without that, I would not continue blogging.


  1. Precious  

    Happy one year anniversury :)

    JUst keep posting as much as you can about what ever is on your mind, we love reading your stuff..

    Keep it up!

  2. Sudani4eva  

    Mabrook ya Harith,
    man that's a good number. its been lil over a month for me and I have about 5 or 6 post...waiting to read more of your post...

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