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United Airlines recently announced plans to start daily nonstop service to Dubai, UAE from DC starting October 2008. This will be the second Middle East destination for United after Kuwait (started sometime in 2006).

It is quite interesting to see how many direct flights will soon operate between the United States and UAE. Currently, Emirates Airlines has 3 daily flights from JFK, two flights operating on B777-300 ER and one with A340-500. Emirates has two or three flights a week from Houston. What most interesting is the plan they recently revealed to have daily nonstop flights between Los Angeles and Dubai starting this summer, and between San Francisco and Dubai starting October. I like the idea of non-stop between Dubai and San Francisco, though I am not quite sure if I can do it!

Delta Airlines also has daily direct flights from Atlanta that started last year and so does Etihad Airlines from JFK.

Well, of course I am happy with that… this will help me get better deal for my next trip!


  1. Amjad  

    Emirates are doing really good. All their flights from Dubai to the US are non-stop and daily, including the Houston-Dubai route.

    Last summer I flew from Houston, TX to Dubai with Emirates. Unfortunately, I missed my Emirates flight from Houston to Dubai to to reasons that were not in my hands. To my luck, Emirates had DAILY flights from Houston to Dubai, so I only had to stay in Houston for one night and catch the other Emirates flight the very next day.

    I think their Los Angeles route already started operating, but I'm not sure about the San Francisco one.

    They're doing REALLY good!

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