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In Britain! I took this picture from my bathroom at Best Western Paddington Court Hotel. I was just amazed because I haven’t seen in many years a sink with separated hot & cold water taps! I had a hard time washing my hands & face. The blue tap is very cold and the red is one extremely hot! There's no way to mix them! Fortunately, the shower head wasn’t the same. I asked myself, how people used them hundred years ago?! To think a little differently, I also asked myself, "Why did they split them in the first place?" Isn't it more useful & convenient to put them all together?! I think so (right?) I'm curious to know the use case that made Mr. John Smith say, "No Bill, we must separate them"!!

Anyway, my advice is if you're planning to visit UK, ask the hotel to send you some sink pictures (of course, only if you plan to wash your hands & face!)


  1. Anonymous  

    what a lovely report 7arith, very interesting...although i cant help but wonder who typed all of that in just 10 minutes! hmmm.....:P

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