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Anderson Cooper three sixty is a live news show on CNN presented by Anderson Cooper. Well, I found myself becoming thrilled and very interested in this show.. so I did not hesitate to add it to my DVR favorite series list along with Seinfeld and Curb your enthusiasm!

I discovered this show by coincidence when I once turned on the TV to have some sound in my silent studio while doing some work in my laptop (you know, I just cant work in complete silence). So the show was live when I switched to the CNN and I gradually found myself putting the laptop on a side to watch the program! It is a two hour program that airs at 7 PM (PST) like two or three times a week. I am still not quite sure on what days.. no worries the DVR will take care of that!

The program covers from different angles (360) latest events and news domestically and internationally. For example, last week Anderson Cooper aired his program from different cities in the west coast, so when he visited San Francisco he covered interesting topics about San Francisco like earthquakes, gay marriage and San Francisco youngest mayor in history (36 years old). Friday's episode was from Seattle, he talked about what's Seattle famous for, the coffee! He interviewed Starbucks president and he said a very interesting tale how he built his chain and how it became the most famous coffee shop.

Anyway, that's too much talk and I can go forever.. it is just a very interesting show! Start watching it!


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