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Well Airbus just announced another embarrassing delay in its A380 program. For your information, Airbus announced the same thing about a year ago. This time the delay is caused by manufacturing and installation of electrical systems and wiring harnesses. Airbus said they would not be able to deliver any plane before 2007.

After the announcement, Airbus stock dropped 34% which made it reach the lowest price in two years. Airbus is now very concerned that some customers might cancel their orders. Emirates airline is expecting 43 airplanes of the A380. After this delay Emirates will get the first one in January of 2008, not October 2006 as the initial agreement said. Emirates airline said they will not cancel the contract but will seek compensation for the delay in the manufacture of these aircrafts.

Honestly, I've been very concerned about this plane since the day Airbus announced the proposal. I am more into Boeing's new vision "deliver less people in fast and luxury planes - wait for the 787". For me having a plane with more than 600 lives is scary. I just don't want to see another Titanic!


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    I didn't know you were into planes. Hobbie?

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