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Location: United Airlines, Airbus A320, Seat 22D. In a flight from Washington to San Francisco, cruising at 38K feet.

Time: 6:20 PM. 50 minutes before landing at San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

I am on my way back from IBM’s new hire three days orientation in Fairfax, VA. I started officially with IBM on June 5 as an “IT Specialist” in a group called “Application Innovation Services” under IBM’s Global Business Services (aka IBM Consulting).

The 3-day orientation was very interesting. The first day was about IBM’s history, values all over the year and IBM’s different divisions. The second day was the fun day! This is when we all received the new laptops! (IBM Thinkpad T42, 80GB, 2GB of RAM!! It rocks!). In the afternoon, they explained some traveling polices and so. We also got demo to some internal tracking tools. Last day was all about different benefits IBM offers.

I am very excited about this opportunity – to be IBMer! – I should know tomorrow or the day after about my first project.

Wish me luck and success!


  1. aelgali  

    all the best my dear. rabana yewafigak ;)

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